ARRA /Stimulus Updates

Strategic Investment of ARRA Funds

Patricia Guard with host John Musso

pic Patricia Guard from the U.S Department of Education discusses strategies for using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to get the most bang for the buck while avoiding potential liabilities for misuse.
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Exploring Uses of ARRA Funds

Exploring Allowable Uses of ARRA Funds
Dr. Zollie Stevenson, Jr., with Executive Director John Musso

pic There is much that school CFOs and administrators will need to know about how stimulus funds can be used and the compliance requirements involved. This segment explores some of the key issues you'll need to know to appropriately make use of these funds.
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New Funding for Top Priorities

Amy Garcia with Mary Kusler and Mary Louise Embrey

pic Mary Louise Embrey, NASN's Director of Government Affairs, and Mary Kusler, Assistant Director for Advocacy and Policy at the American Association of School Administrators discuss the Stimulus funds, possible uses, and how the various pools of new funding will impact the priorities of the organizations.
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