A Common Sense View of Digital Citizenship

Sheryl Nussbaum- Beach, Tom de Boor Darren Cambridge, Rebecca Randall 


Nested inside of Connected Educator Month is Digital Citizenship Week. In this segment we look at some of the key issues. 

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Can We Make Compassion and Digital Citizenship Go Viral?

Tom Murray with Shelly Sanchez Terrell


In this segment we talk about how to model and encourage students to use social media constructively and become good digital citizens. 

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What Savvy Teachers Know About Managing Disruptive Student Behavior

Rae Pica with Kaye Otten, Nancy Rappaport, Jessica Lahey, Nancy Flanagan


Managing challenging behavior is part and parcel of being a classroom teacher. In this segment our guests explore the drivers of disruptive behaviors, discuss traditional methods of responding to disruptive students and offer proven strategies.

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Can You Quickly Identify and Respond to Behavioral Health Disorders?

Donna Mazyck with Mary Ann Gapinski and Dr. David M. Schwartz


School nurses are among the first people positioned to spot a behavioral health disorder in students. But behavioral health disorders can be difficult to identify. Our guests offer useful guidance and tools.

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Digital Foot Prints, Digital Tattoos, Digital Citizenship:The Digital Dilemmas Teachers Face

Katrina Stevens, Sharon Plante, Susan M. Bearden


Schools districts, parents and teachers are becoming increasingly aware of the myriad of issues that Internet access introduces into school settings. This week we discuss the digital challenges teachers face.

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