Bad Behavior: Managing Kids Gone Wild

Rae Pica with Barbara Kaiser & Lisa McCabe


Someone once defined difficult parents like this:They don't do what you want them to do, they do what you don't want them to do and you don't know what to do about it. In this segment, Dr. Fiore explains why the number of difficult parents is skyrocketing and shares savvy insights and specific tips for dealing with them.

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Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene

Rae Pica with Mary Gersten, Kate Williams, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


We could call this segment, "how to pick your battles." What is clear is that all undesirable behavior should not be addressed, every time, on the spot. Our guests offer insights and guidelines for determining when to intervene and when to ignore the behavior and allow it to take its course.

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49 Ways to Get and Keep Control of Your Classrooms

Errol Smith with Doug Lemov, Jay Mathews, Debra Viadero

pic Doug Lemov went out into the field to discover and thoroughly document what great teachers are doing in the toughest classrooms in the toughest neighborhoods in his community. His findings were distilled down to 49 specific techniques that can help create exceptional learning environments and provide useful insights to administrators, directors, teachers and parents.
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Why Teens Do Dumb, Crazy, Risky Things

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Barbara Strauch and Sue Blaney

pic Yes, teens are crazy, but according to our guests, they are crazy by design. Dumb, crazy, risky teen behavior is all part of the developmental process. Once we understand what is going on inside the teenage mind, we can spend less time being angry and frustrated with them and more time marveling at how their brains and personalities are developing.
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