2829  When you create these exciting and engaging kind of lessons and projects, everybody gets excited about it, not just the kids that are motivated and want to get a good grade. - Ryan Devlin
2588  How the adults learn in a school dictates how the kids are learning. There is a direct correlation. When we own the learning the kids are free to do the same. - Dr. Brad Gustafson
3494  Pay attention to the emotions behind your students’ words. When you know your students well enough to be sensitive to their feelings, you will find it easier to relate well to them. - Julia G. Thompson
2955  How do we transform learning environments to make them more reflective of the world that our kids will be expected to succeed in? - Eric Sheninger
2849  We have to share the common goal of giving kids what they need to be successful in life, not just in our classrooms. - Starr Sackstein