2061  Even if an idea may seem obvious, sometimes it's still helpful to put words around it and help bring it to the surface again, to make it fresh, to shine a light on it, to celebrate it. - David Geurin
2830  When you create these exciting and engaging kind of lessons and projects, everybody gets excited about it, not just the kids that are motivated and want to get a good grade. - Ryan Devlin
4820  Wait! Take a minute. Take a breath. Measure your words. What you say to a child today may very well affect every tomorrow of his life. - Debra Pierce
3494  Pay attention to the emotions behind your students’ words. When you know your students well enough to be sensitive to their feelings, you will find it easier to relate well to them. - Julia G. Thompson
4327  Expecting excellence from yourself is a choice. Striving for excellence each day is a lifestyle. - Jimmy Casas