2878  School isn’t a waiting area for life. It’s where life happens for children. Every day. - Carol Jago
3043  We owe it to the children we serve and the countless academics, orators, and pedagogues before us to rise above the myth that our sole purpose is to prepare them for The Test. - Alex Stubenbort
2789  The biggest flaw in most PD is that it approaches adult professionals as if they are children without a voice in their own learning. - Tom Whitby
2219  Some resistance, especially in the beginning of a change process, is often caused because we're worried about ourselves... will I look competent, will people dislike me for doing it? - Carol Ann Tomlinson
3113  That young man who you do not believe in...start treating him like an all-star student and see how his behavior changes. - Dr. Anael Alston