Balancing the Needs for Differentiated Instruction with the Demands of the Common Core

Brad Currie, Billy Krakower 


In this episode,your hosts cover the highlights of the 2/22/14 #SatChat on differentiated instruction.  

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What Do We Need to Do to Better Support English Language Learners?

Larry Ferlazzo with Karen Nemeth, Judie Haynes


The number of English language learners is on the rise. In the segment we look at the different standard ways in which we approach these learners in pursuit of the best strategies. 

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Instructional Design: Engaging Students with Creative, Authentic, Real-World Challenges

Don Wettrick with Patricia Ragan


In this segment, our guest talks about how you can create your dream classroom through creative application of real world models and challenges. 

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The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless Students

Rae Pica with Sarah D. Sparks, Barbara Duffield, John Spencer, Melanie Link Taylor


The problem of homeless students is greater than many realize. In this segment we take a closer look at the challenges teachers face and offer ways to manage this growing problem at the classroom level. 

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Hidden Causes of the Achievement Gap Between Boys and Girls

 Rae Pica with  Reichert,  Buchmann, Bloomfield, and Flanagan


The academic achievement gap between girls and boys is now well established and growing. The reasons are complex, and in this segment we explore some of the more obscure causes. We close by looking at what can be done to narrow, if not close, the gap. 

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