Reinventing Science Instruction Through Collaboration

Vicki Davis with James 'Jamie' Ewing 


Our guest is rethinking and reinventing the way science is taught. His approach has attracted attention from many sectors of the education community. More importantly, his students have embraced his model and are exceptionally engaged. Learn more...

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A Flipped Classroom Transformation Story from Sweden

Jon Bergmann and Leif Blomqvist


Our guest teaches a woodworking class in Sweden. In this segment we hear how flipping his classroom enhanced his ability to differentiate instruction and engage more students.

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Why Flipped Classrooms May Be the Holy Grail of Differentiated Instruction

Jon Bergmann and Allison Moss


Special education teachers have always had unique challenges with differentiating instruction. Turns out the flipped classroom model may be what every special education teacher needs to adapt to the highly individualized needs of their students.

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ESL: What School Leaders Need to Know About English Language Learners

Gail Connelly with Maureen Keithley


The population of English language learners is rising dramatically, but our principals and teachers are not adequately prepared to handle the increase. In this segment we discuss strategies for preparing administrators and teachers.

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Work Ethic: The Values Millennials Are Bringing into the Work Force

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Jean M. Twenge, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Susan M. Heim


Are the values and work ethic of the generation entering the workplace significantly different from past generations? If so, what are the implications? What do parents need to know?


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