Accommodating Left-Handed Students in a Right-Handed World

Rae Pica with Annie Thomassen, Megan Power, Susan Ochshorn


We've come a long way from the days when left-handed people were thought to be witches, but we still have much to learn about accommodating left-handed students in a right-handed world. Tune in and get the basics you need to know.

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Teaching Students with Autism in an Integrated Classroom

Rae Pica with Dr. Stephen Shore & Pat Hensley


Teaching students with autism in an integrated classroom is a challenge that many teachers are simply unprepared to handle. How do you handle their behavior? How is their learning process different from other students’? What do you need to know to teach autistic students successfully?

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Is Your Child Struggling with Reading and Language?

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dr. Paula Tallal, Amy E. Lansing, Ph.D., Anthony Cody


A strong reading and language foundation is critical to the education and future prospects of young people. Our guests point out that though early education stresses basic literacy skills, middle and secondary schools are ill prepared to support teens who have reading and language problems. This segment explores new solutions.

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Strategies for Supporting Dual Language Learners

Jerlean Daniel and Rae Pica with Karen Nemeth, Ed.M.


The ability to teach dual language learners is becoming increasing important as our demographics shift across the nation. In this segment our guest clarifies misconceptions on the topic and shares practical strategies.

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Virtual Schools are Coming, Will Your Job Become Extinct?

Holly Elissa Bruno with Elizabeth A. City

pic Virtual schools are popping up and raising questions about what "school" will be like in the future? Where will learning primarily take place? What will be the role of teachers? What will be the role of principals and directors? What should education leaders be doing and thinking about now to prepare for the road ahead?
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