How to Help Children Learn to Read Well

Rae Pica with Jane Healy

pic Dr. Healy tells us that every child is different, meaning there is no one age at which a child should read. Further, she contends that often children get the wrong kind of instruction in reading, which may do more harm than good. Listen to learn what simple activities you can do to positively impact a child’s reading ability.
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Junk Science: Is the Concept of Multiple Learning Styles Bogus?

Harvey F. Silver, EdD, Bruce Deitrick Price, & Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


Some students are visual learners, some students are auditory learners, and others are kinesthetic learners. Right? Well, maybe not; at least the answer is not quite that simple. Our guests discuss recent research showing that commonly accepted notions about learning styles are wrong. Looks like it may be time to update your understanding of learning modalities.

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Literacy 2.0: Closing the Literacy Achievement Gap Through Culturally Responsive Instruction

Bill Harvey with Kathy Au


Increasingly, teachers today are working with children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Classrooms that do not acknowledge cultural differences contribute to the literacy achievement gap. This segment presents specific strategies and techniques to help teachers provide more culturally responsive instruction.

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Breaking the Language Barriers Through Music

Maryann Harman with Karen Nameth


Music is a universal language that can quickly bridge communication barriers and support developing literacy and fluency in a new language. This segment shares insights for using music to teach English as a second language.


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Identifying and Nurturing the Gifted Child

Rae Pica with Joan Franklin Smutny, Clara Hemphill, Liz Willen

pic How do you determine if a child is gifted? Can the gifted child be identified by a standardized test? Can the test results be gamed by test preparation? Are there different types of giftedness? Should gifted children be segregated and surrounded by other gifted children? Are teachers prepared to teach the gifted child?
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