Flat Classrooms: How Teachers and Students Are Collaborating Globally

Toni Olivieri-Barton, Michelle McGarvey, Maureen Tumenas, Donna Esposito,Tina Schmidt


In this segment we talk with teachers from around the nation about the projects they're using to create global learning experiences. Guests discuss tools, challenges and benefits of connecting and collaborating globally in the classroom. 

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Creative Approaches to Teaching STEM at the Elementary School Level

Vicki Davis with Kevin Jarrett, Jeremy A. Ervin


According to our guest teaching STEM at the Elementary school level is not as novel a notion as many believe. What is new is some of the creative ways it can now be done. Tune is as a teacher who is passionate about STEM shares some of his practices. 

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What Is MOOC? Why Does It Matter?

Vicki Davis with Dr. Lee Graham and Colin Osterhout


In this episode we go inside the buzz on MOOCs as we talk with a professor who started a MOOC and a Student who participated. Both believe MOOCs are indicative of a transformation that will impact all classrooms. 

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