What Every Head Start Director Needs to Know About the New Health Care Laws

Yasmina Vinci with Thora Johnson

pic The new health care reform laws will go into effect on January 1,2014. Head Start programs will be effected and will be subject to penalties for non-compliance. There is much you need to know, and you'll need time to gear up for the new rules. Tune in and find out what you need to know.
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Finding a Dental Home for Head Start Children

Yasmina Vinci with Dr. John McMurray, Mary Gauthier

pic In this segment we hear about a young Head Start child who thought the pain he was feeling from dental decay in his mouth was being caused by bees stinging him when he ate. He was uninformed about dental health and had no dental home. Our guests today discuss creative things you can do to ensure your Head Start children receive dental care and dental hygiene education.
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Critical Deadline Approaching for Head Start. Are You Ready?

Yasmina Vinci with Nychelle (Nikki) Fleming

pic The federal law requiring Head Start programs and others to toss out old baby cribs and replace them with certified safe cribs is December 28, 2012. Listen in for how to prove you are in compliance and what to do if you are not.
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Head Start's Window of Opportunity to Help Low-Income Children

Yasmina Vinci with Mark K. Shriver

pic Our guest discusses the window of opportunity that Head Start programs have to help children and families in poverty. He also offers tips on how to get increased support for Head Start.
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