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Is Your Parenting Style Appropriate for Both Girls and Boys?

Influential voices from the BAM100 who are reforming education from the bottom up.
Eric Sheninger
Tom Whitby
Patrick Larkin
Steven Anderson
Angela Maiers
Will Richardson
Nick Provenzano
Erin Klein
Lisa Nielsen
Vicki Davis
George Couros
Jason Flom
Mary Beth Hertz
Rich Kiker
Jessica Johnson
Deven Black
Shelly Sanchez 
Lisa Dabbs
Joyce Valenza
Chris Lehmann

Joe Mazza
Kyle Pace
Joan Young
Patrick Riccards
Sam Chaltain
Shannon Miller
David Truss
Brian Nichols
Peter DeWitt
Michael Smith
Nancy Blair
Alec Couros
Kevin Jarrett
Josh Stumpenhorst
Jerry Blumengarten
John Spencer
Lee Kolbert
Sheryl Nussbaum Beach
Adam Bellow
Steve Dembo
Lyn Hilt

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