Creating a Safe Emotional Climate for Children

Mark Ginsberg and Rae Pica with Jean Schreiber

pic Bullying behavior is a perennial challenge for educators. Bullying impacts the bully, the bullied and the community. In this segment Jean Schreiber talks about how to help address bullying by teaching assertiveness and offers specific strategies for creating safer learning environments for children.
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Can Digital Media Enhance Learning?

Mark Ginsberg and Rae Pica with Susan Zelman

pic Computers, Internet, television, Twitter, iPods--can these technologies really enhance early childhood learning? In the NAEYC radio segment , the Corporation for Public Broadcasting challenges some conventional wisdom with the use of digital media in their "Ready to Learn" program. Learn more...
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Why Schools Are Losing Boys and How to Get Them Back

Mark Ginsberg and Rae Pica with Larry J. Griffin

pic Larry Griffin finds that the number of boys who are unmotivated and underachieving is growing. He has identified five reasons why educators and society are failing to successfully launch boys and why increasing numbers of boys are simply being lost. Larry goes on to offer his insights on what educators can do to get them back on course.
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