About BAM Radio Network


BAM! is an acronym for "body and mind" and BAM! Radio was conceived in 2007 on the premise that the key to success in life for children and youth is nurturing a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Developed by early childhood professionals, BAM! Radio started out as a single online radio program called Body Mind and Child. It was created to bring parents the latest insights and wisdom from the leading experts in the fields of early childhood education, physical education/motor development, play research, child development, and the neurosciences.

The Birth of the BAM Radio Network

We soon found that educators and school administrators were also tuning in to the program and telling us that they found many of the segments relevant to them and very helpful. We listened and at the end of 2008 we began expanding the programming to serve a broader slice of the education community.

Today BAM Radio is the largest education radio network in the world offering programming from the nation's top education organizations and thought leaders and reaching a wide audience of people passionately committed to quality education.

But what most distinguishes BAM Radio Network are the people involved. Our "on air" hosts are the executive directors of the most respected education associations in the country, our guests are the leading experts, advocates and journalists in education and our programming is produced by an Emmy-winning team. Simply said we have assembled the best talent we could secure in an effort to be your most valued and reliable source of information and insight.

We are honored to be able to host, extend the reach and amplify the voices of the education community.

Our commitment continues!

The BAM! Team