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"Amplifying the voices of the education community" is what BAM Radio is all about. That's why we're excited to turn up the volume with QuotED - a new resource to find, save, share and broadcast the brightest slices of genius from educators around the world.

More than a Static Collection...

All quotes published on QuotED are syndicated into relevant channels and distributed across the BAM Radio Network - spreading great ideas and amplifying the voices behind them. The best quotes are featured on our daily broadcasts.

So welcome to QuotED: Broadcasting the brilliant, bold, illuminating things educators say daily! 


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21 Great Uses for QuotED 

    -- Quickly discover and explore leading-edge ideas that push your thinking

    -- Easily find relevant educator quotes for your keynotes and workshops

    -- Select stimulating prompts for student discussions and faculty meetings

    -- Kickstart a professional development session 

    -- Add quotes from your lastest blog post, book or presentation to attract like minds

    -- Subscribe to education-specific channels to follow the best thinking  

    -- Get inspired and encouraged by the wisdom and wit of your peers 

    -- Share your own wit and wisdom with people who can appreciate it   

    -- Source fresh and original quotes for your next book     

    -- Explore and discuss the big ideas that are most fascinating and meaningful to you

    -- Save your favorite quotes from anywhere for easy retrieval

    -- Create multiple collections of personal and professional quotes

    -- Easily save the great quotes you hear during conference sessions

    -- Quickly find quotes to make a point during fast-paced Twitter chats

    -- Publish your own most notable, quotable thoughts and ideas

    -- Submit pithy excerpts  to promote your book or blog on BAM Radio for free

    -- Find educators who are concisely saying what you would like to say   

    -- Find personal and professional writing prompts

    -- Easily customize any quote with our selection of royalty-free images  

    -- Share this education safe platform at your school 

    -- Submit and share quotes to help pick the most compelling education quotes of the year.


There's a Quote for That! 

QuotED  organizes quotes into education-specific channels that you can search,  subscribe to and save in your own personal collections. Whatever education related subject, challenge or problem you're facing there's a quote for that. 


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