Boosting Your Childs "Other" IQ

Rae Pica and Cheri Sterman

pic Your child's ability to find innovative solutions and imagine new possibilities is tied to a different kind of intelligence. In this segment Cheri defines this other creative form of intelligence and gives tips on how you can help your child boost his or her "other" IQ.
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Being a Confident Parent

Brenda Nixon with host Rae Pica

pic Brenda Nixon says confident parents are made not born and becoming a confident parent starts with what you think, expect and do right from the start. Listen in and find out how to create the foundation that will lead to your becoming an unshakably confident parent.
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Have a New Child by Friday

Kevin Leman with host Rae Pica

pic If your kid's behavior is driving you crazy you will love this segment. Dr. Kevin Leman assures us that you can have a new child by Friday if you make a few simple changes in your approach to parenting. According to Dr. Leman the key to changing your child is closer than you think.
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Teaching Your Child to listen

First Things First: Teaching Your Child to Listen
Kathleen Hayes with host Rae Pica

kathleen Hayes Kathleen Hayes says that the path to helping your child learn the language arts begins with the skill of listening. According to Kathleen helping children to listen actively precedes developing proficiency in speaking, reading and writing.

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