Five Ways Technology Is Reinventing Project-Based Learning

Tom Murray, Todd Nesloney and Amanda Dykes


In this segment wetake a look at project-based learning and how technology is opening up new possibilities for learning by doing.

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Five Keys to Better Student Projects

Katrina Stevens, Alex J Podchaski, Susan M. Bearden


In this segment of #edtechchat, we review the highlights of the the 1 /6/14 #Edtechchat on student content creation and better project-based learning. 

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The Race Card Project: Facilitating Classroom Discussions About Race

Dan Domenech with Craig Kielburger


Our guest is an Emmy winning reporter who shares with us the story about how her own reflections of race led to the creation of a project being used to facilitate candid discussions about race in classrooms around the nation. 

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Project Based Learning?: A Student's Response to Bullying Becomes a Book

Teacher Initiative
Vicki Davis with Harrison (Harry) Sansostri


Our guest today is a twelve year old student who turned his experience with being bullied into a learning experience for himself and many others through a book. There are lessons in his story for parents, teachers and students.

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A Radical Experiment with Pure Project-Based Learning

Don Wettrick with Lou Zulli Jr.


In this segment we look at a school that turned its entire IT department over to students to maintain manage and grow. It was the quintessential experiment in project-based learnin,g and the results were astounding. Learn more...

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