The Global Classroom Project

Vicki Davis with Michael Graffin


The Global Classroom Project is a site that connects teachers and students in projects around the world. It's a community of educators who are breaking down barriers, moving beyond bureaucracy and sharing world-class learning experiences.

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Creative Project-based Learning Using a Green Screen

Discovery Educator Network
David Fisher with Kim Adair, Mark Perlman


According to our guests a green screen can be an extremely effective teaching tool. Tune in an learn how to spice up your classes with the video production technique.

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Tales from the Flip Side of Project-Based Learning

Jon Bergmann and Michael Gorman


In his premier episode, flipped classroom pioneer, Jon Bergmann explains why real-world stories are the best way to learn about flipping the classroom. Jon then talks with Michael Gorman about marrying the project-based learning model with flipping.

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Epic Project-Based Learning Using Virtual Worlds

Andrew Miller and Terry Heick with Lucas Gillispie


In this segment we talk with an instructional technology leader in a school district that is using Minecraft for game-based learning with some pretty spectacular results. Our guest talks about setting up the program, managing it, and how to think creatively about connecting the game to the curriculum.

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Taking Risks with Technology and Project-Based Learning to Engage Students

David Fisher with Hall Davidson


In this episode we speak with Discovery Education's mad scientist and Director of Global Learning Initiatives, who talks with us about creative project-based learning with digital tools.

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