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Date of Birth: Sunday, 22 November, 2015
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When the student becomes the teacher, there are no limits to what s(he) can learn... Teaching Strategies
If we can't first connect with our students' hearts, then we don't have a chance of connecting with their minds. Student Engagement
Asking all 6th-grade kids to master the same concept at the same time is like asking all 35-year-olds to wear the same size shirt. Differentiated Instructions
Technology can no longer be viewed as a learning enhancer; it must be viewed as a foundational piece of living in the 21st century. Education Technology
Once the sound of your words dissipates, ask yourself if they contributed to the greater good. What legacy do your words leave? Inspirational - Motivational
When your students tell their story in 25 years, how do you want to be remembered? Always keep this thought in mind... School Culture
Be the educator who believes in your students before they start to believe in themselves... Teaching Strategies
Retakes... don't give kids the same questions to do again. Instead, have them redo/retake the standards. Teaching Strategies
School shouldn't be a constant reminder of personal weaknesses, but rather an exploration and development of strengths and interests. School Culture
If you find yourself buried in grading, keep in mind... when kids self-assess & track their progress, learning goes up considerably. Assessment