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What I try to get people to understand is that how we teach the curriculum, often, is the innovation. Assessment
Instead of criticizing others, I try to look back and try to figure out, did I ever think like that and why and what has changed me? Inspirational - Motivational
If we don't do our best to work with some of these kids that are really a struggle, we're not showing resilience ourselves. School Culture
Too many times we have people sharing their thoughts on education, how it's so terrible and all these bad things, but these aren't educators. Education Leadership
Often the Biggest Barrier to Innovation Is Our Own Way of Thinking. Education Leadership
Should we be a sage on the stage, or the guide on the side, or the architect of learning? The answer is that teachers should be all of those. The art of teaching is figuring out when you should be which one. School Culture
The biggest game changer in education will never be a technology - it's an educator who's willing to be innovative. Professional Development
When kids do it for a teacher, they want it to be good enough. When they do it for the world, they want it to be the best! School Culture
We need to make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear! School Culture
Yes, social media can be scary, but it can be so powerful too! Education Technology