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Date of Birth: Monday, 30 November, -0001
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Teachers and parents must also embrace failure as an important learning tool. School Culture
Incorporating the science of learning into our schools would mean that we align curriculum with brain processing information and stop treating learner’s brains as if they were all identical or standard. There are no standard brains! Differentiated Instructions
All children love to learn until this excitement and motivation is schooled out of them. School Culture
Mistakes should not be avoided and are a necessary part of the learning process. Mistakes should be reframed to be misses before the learning takes. School Culture
Learning new ways of implementing curriculum may be messy and appear chaotic, but that’s a normal part of the process and change can’t happen if we continue to dabble in the safe and secure zone. School Culture
The brain learns from experience so it is unrealistic to expect to be comfortable when something is new and has never been tried before. Professional Development
The jobs that the digital natives will be doing to support themselves have not yet been invented. Education Technology
Change is always difficult and fraught with missteps, suspicion, and angst. That’s the nature of change. School Culture
There are no guarantees but what is certain is if we do not change how we educate children, outcomes will not change. Education Leadership
Yes, they do have to get prepared for the future, but we all don't have to do it in third grade. School Culture