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Regardless of the subject matter, we know that, to be most effective, classroom lessons have to be tied to student interests. Education Policy & Reform
Growth is a good thing. Progress is a good thing. And competition, in the right frame, is a good thing. We should all be competing against ourselves, whether as children or as adults. Professional Development
As testing isn’t going anywhere, it is of value to all those in the teaching and learning process to be more assessment literate. Assessment
Testing.  For some, it is the ultimate measure of public education… For others, it is the embodiment of evil… The fact of the matter is that testing is largely misunderstood. Assessment
We definitely need to move beyond the misguided notion that a single test, taken on a single day defines the success of a school, a teacher, or a kid. Assessment
How we get our best teachers in front of the classrooms and the kids who need them the most, is one of the most pressing issues facing public education today. School Culture
Assessment has long been a part of our public education tapestry, and it isn’t going anywhere.  It also can have a valuable and powerful impact on how teachers teach, how students learn, and how all are better for it. Assessment
Education technology is the great equalizer. It brings knowledge and resources into classrooms that otherwise would be without. Education Technology
The term “Common Core” is toxic. And those organizing against the standards know that SO they can use the fear and hatred for Common Core to turn it into whatever devil they want it to be. Common Core Standards
We are seeing more and more how gaming can be a tremendously effective tool in 21st century teaching. Using it to relay Common Core lessons to students is no different. Common Core Standards