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The library today is a place where knowledge is created and not merely consumed. Blended Learning
School leaders need to understand that they do not have to have all the ideas— they simply cannot anyway. They need to acknowledge the breadth of talent and knowledge of their staff. Education Leadership
Your strategy, not your tech, will drive your district's transformation. Education Technology
When students and teachers fail, they become more comfortable with the feeling of pausing, stepping back, re- evaluating the situation, and trying again. School Culture
The Maker Movement encourages a growth mindset, which tolerates risk and failure and maybe even encourages it. Maker Movement
When all learners, no matter their previous achievements, jump into something new, it has the effect of leveling the playing field. Blended Learning
While the makerspace in and of itself does not align to the standards, it is more than possible to create activities that align with many of the objectives of the standards. Maker Movement
A culture of creation encourages learners to identify the challenges of the world and to seek and create solutions. School Culture
Our students hold a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Educators just need to open the landscape of learning to all. Student Engagement
By nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, students will see that they can create their own jobs and industries depending on their interests. Student Engagement