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The cure for boredom is not excitement - it is curiosity. Curious kids seeking answers don't get bored. Teaching Strategies
You've got to reach kids before you teach kids. Remember that relationship comes first! Teaching Strategies
The most transformative, innovative things in education wear flesh and walk around with skin on top. School Culture
When school boards stop buying STUFF and start empowering PEOPLE, change will happen. Education Policy & Reform
One of the best educators I know is 86, teaching full time and still going strong. Some of the worst teachers I’ve ever seen were once the best… It isn’t the age of the sage, but the patience of the pedagog. Teaching Strategies
When we try to help kids be resilient, understand that sometimes they need a little bit of forgiveness and grace and patience on our part. Teaching Strategies
Teachers are really being pushed toward student centered learning, but so often teacher learning is not student centered. Professional Development
When you love kids, you change for them even if it makes you uncomfortable. School Culture
The greatest teacher really makes her or himself obsolete. School Culture
There's no such thing as a perfect teacher, but if you work hard, love your students and are always learning, you're pretty close. Inspirational - Motivational