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Ideas don't work if those in charge of implementing them recuse themselves from the responsibility of implementation. Education Leadership
If being a reflective practitioner is an empowering way to improve our skills as leaders and learners, why do we leave this exercise as an independent act to be done after work? Professional Development
When we are problem-solving in our schools who's sitting at the table? If it's all admin....that's a sign School Culture
Compliance conditions us to check off minimum requirements. We must foster a climate of passion and excellence to go beyond! School Culture
Own your errors. Stand in front when there is blame to be taken. Stand in the back when there is credit to be given. Education Leadership
We disrupt a culture of collaboration when we treat our work as if excellence requires an individual hero! It takes a TEAM! School Culture
Who is leading the improvement effort in your school? Admin needs to start the conversation,but teachers need to lead the way! Education Leadership
School improvement is about people improvement. Schools get better when people get better. Programs don't produce excellence! School Culture
Training focuses on telling individuals what to do, while development gives individuals the opportunity to think about what to do, how to do it, and connect it to why it needs to be done. Professional Development
When we fail to empower others we invite them to cognitively disengage from the work. They become doers instead of thinkers. Education Leadership