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We have to share the common goal of giving kids what they need to be successful in life, not just in our classrooms. Teaching Strategies
Once you've been teaching for a while, you realize you can't know it all and won't, but you can learn with the kids and your colleagues and every day is an opportunity to start from scratch. Professional Development
I think dealing with problems head-on is the most efficient way of getting to the bottom of what is really the problem, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with direct confrontation and that creates other problems too. Education Leadership
If all we do is agree with each other, then there isn't much real debate happening, and I don't think that that's going to move anything forward. Education Leadership
Be a friend to the new person. School Culture
Educators can't work in isolation. We must share ideas, use them, modify them and reproduce them. School Culture
Students really need to be explicitly taught how to think about themselves as learners. so when they understand their process better, they're better able to tackle problems better in the future. Teaching Strategies
We're so eager to streamline our processes that there is a right and wrong answer for everything, which I don't agree with. School Culture
The way a child is raised, has an impact on the way they learn, so be sensitive and respectful to a person's upbringing. Differentiated Instructions
Ask children in what ways they want to be taught... if they don't have the words to tell you, teach them the lexicon. Differentiated Instructions