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The moment we start falling in love with our content or a token issue we lose sight of what matters most. Our job isn't about teaching curriculum, but rather reaching students. Teaching Strategies
Courageous leaders understand that one's ability to lead will only be as effective/influential as their own integrity. Education Leadership
As leaders let's not be found asking others to do what we aren't willing to do ourselves. Education Leadership
The remedy to compliance is action. Stop waiting.You don't need permission to make an impact. School Culture
It's in the mess that the real learning happens. Reaching the whole child or family requires that we position ourselves to see life not through our content or instructional expertise but simply as a human being. Teaching Strategies
Our greatest act of leadership won't be the test score report card, but the community we are creating. Education Leadership
Loving people means not getting caught up in unproductive conversations. School Culture
Schools can have mission statements all day long but they are pointless if they don't translate into moving people forward. School Culture
Schools that thrive have leaders who aren't afraid to confront the truth and then pursue greatness together. Education Leadership
School is the most caring/safest environment for many of our kids, give extra high fives & fist bumps today. School Culture