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Can you identify the last time your assignment required students to engage in a productive struggle? Common Core Standards
Several barriers in education can be addressed with an 'And/Both' mindset, instead of an 'Either/Or mindset.' School Culture
Compliance = Comfort and Disruption = Uncomfortable. The goal is to do what is best for students. You Decide. School Culture
If we seek to add value to others, then our leadership is outward-focused. Education Leadership
Continuous improvement should be about answering questions, rather than checking off goals. The questions we ask are often more important than completing the school improvement plan. School Culture
The message educators want to send is that learning is an ongoing process and their intention is to develop lifelong learners. School Culture
One thing that is often overlooked in education is the learning space. We need to look at our schools and ask, "Is this classroom flexible, open, wireless, comfortable, and inspiring´╗┐?" Student Engagement
High Performing teams have Norms! School Culture
Send teachers to a conference and they will grow, teach them how to participate in Twitter chats and they will grow for a lifetime. Professional Development
If a leader cannot lead in his/her personal life, it will be difficult to lead others. Education Leadership