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Date of Birth: Friday, 04 December, 2015
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The biggest flaw in most PD is that it approaches adult professionals as if they are children without a voice in their own learning. Professional Development
Teaching kids HOW to learn becomes more important than teaching them WHAT to learn when the goal is life long learning Education Policy & Reform
We have to change the culture before we can change the system. And our culture in education needs to be changed a great deal if we're going to move ahead. School Culture
The world we first learned in is not the world that we teach in and it is sure as hell not the world our students will occupy to thrive and compete. School Culture
The more students take ownership of the learning that they're doing, the more excited they get about their learning; and if they are in control of its direction and ...where it goes, they will be much more enthusiastic and engaged in the learning. School Culture
You can have ten teachers in an English department and with their varied backgrounds and experience and years teaching, they're not all starting off at the same place, you can't really give them all the same professional development. Professional Development
Grades are a promise of potential, while a portfolio is a record of proven skills. Assessment
The U.S. presidential primaries are the best endorsement for emphasizing critical thinking at every level of our education system. Education Policy & Reform
When you go for a job interview, they don't ask you what your report card looks like; they ask you to show them what projects you've worked on. Project-Based Learning
Just because we've been doing it for all these generations doesn't necessarily mean that it's working. Education Leadership