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Date of Birth: Monday, 30 November, -0001
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HS Principal, #bettpride Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker, Passionate about kids, serving others, & building community. Co-Founder of #IAedchat Sun 8 pm #WGEDD

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Expecting excellence from yourself is a choice. Striving for excellence each day is a lifestyle. Professional Development
Ask yourself what others are saying when they leave your classroom/school. Hopefully that they can't wait to come back. Teaching Strategies
Our goal should be to not only make an impact, but to make the greatest impact possible for all students and schools. School Culture
Leadership is not about how you behave when you know what to do, rather how you behave when you don't know what to do. Education Leadership
No doubt that leadership matters....it matters a lot. As leaders, we need to continue to cultivate more leaders. That's our purpose. Education Leadership
Understand it takes more than one conversation to influence change – an initial conversation is a great start, but the real change comes from the ongoing follow-up conversations. Make the time to make change happen 100 conversations at a time. Education Leadership
One pitfall for teachers and leaders is we want to tell people how to do things... If you want to influence change, don’t tell others what it will look like, but show them what it looks like... whether you are teaching a lesson to students or moving an organization forward. School Culture
Take time to invest in yourself as much as others... By doing so, I have seen that the impact I can have on others is greater when I am in a better place and space. Professional Development