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I look forward to the day when we can argue one minute and hug and high five the next. We must start having these conversations. School Culture
No matter what, we should send our students home each day with at least one thing to smile or laugh about. And we should make a big deal about that one thing. I think we owe them that much School Culture
The sooner we start sharing our imperfections with the people we serve and the people we love, the sooner they will stop expecting to be perfect. School Culture
We must slow down and remember that sometimes technology may be needed simply to support our kids' passions, not replace them. Education Technology
The difference between a child having a good day and a child having a bad day often depends on a few extra seconds we are willing to give them. School Culture
Life's toughest tests don't require a pencil and it is my job to prepare students for them. Teaching Strategies
I have taken many tests in my days. The PSAT, SAT, Praxis, GRE, MCAT and the NBCT. Just to name a few. Yet they pale in comparison to the challenges that I face every day. Assessment
As we prepare for our days at school we need to make sure we leave a little room in the day to listen. Not about reading. Not about math. Not about history or science. But about dreams. Teaching Strategies
Tomorrow morning starts tonight. Plan right now how you are going to make it go well for your students, your staff and yourself. School Culture
I get my inspiration from my children and my students and by paying more careful attention to the moments life offers up. Inspirational - Motivational