2914  Leadership and educator growth can't be mandated. It's nurtured and cultivated. - Beth Horler
2836  Great things occur when joyful leaders model growth mindset to students. Welcome adversity & reframe failure as an opportunity to grow! - Jeff Hiser
1993  There is something to be said for a leader who walks in and says, "how do we solve this?' rather than "Here's the solution. - Dr. Todd Schmidt
2665  If the point is to grow, to learn, to stretch ourselves, to really increase the boundaries of our learning, then we need to take significant risks, substantial risks, where we're likely to fail. - Steve Wyborney
1978  If we want students to become problem-solvers, we must craft achievable challenges for them, and then let them figure them out SOLEly for themselves. - Tammy Dunbar, M.Ed.