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Duncan Takes Tough Questions on Student Loans

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and James Kvaal 

pic In this segment we cover a press conference with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and James Kvaal, Deputy Assistant to the President, fielding tough questions from education reporters on the new bipartisan plan to roll back the student loan interest rate increase that went into effect July 1.
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Tax Tobacco to Fund Early Education, Duncan Ready to Fight

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Carmel Martin

pic In this segment we cover a press conference with Education Secretary Arne Duncan on the proposed 2014 budget for education. Among the initiatives discussed is a tax on tobacco to fund universal preschool and a plan to protect students with loans from interest rate increases.
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Second Thoughts: Think Arming Teachers Is Crazy? Okay, but Did You Really Think?

Dorn, Thomas, Roberts, Maiers, Anderson, Whitby, Blair, Blumengarten

pic Special Report: Perhaps what's most crazy about the notion of arming teachers is how most discussions on this important issue are mostly devoid of sober, thoughtful, factual examination. On one extreme, we hear rabid gun supporters encouraging schools to enter an arms race. On the other we see a visceral rejection of the idea so strong that facts are irrelevant. We asked some educators and school security experts to really stop and think about this issue and were surprised by what we found. We think you will be too.
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Ten States Get NCLB Relief, Ducan Answers Tough Questions on Waivers

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Ceclilia Munoz


Ten states received waivers from the most onerous parts of No Child Left Behind. Secretary Ducan answers tough questions about the exceptions.The ten states approved for flexibility are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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Nine States Win Race to the Top Early Learning Grants

Arne Duncan, Melody C. Barnes, Kathleen Sebelius,  Linda K. Smith, Jacqueline Jones


Today the U.S. Department of Education identified nine states have been selected to receive grants under the new Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge. In the press conference administration officials explain why the winning states stood out among the others.

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