Four Things Your School's Social Media Feed Needs to Include

 Scott Rocco, Bill Krakower


In this segment Scott and Billy run down the list of things a school needs to be ready for social media prime time.  

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Modeling Innovation: 7 Exciting Ways This School Year Will Be Different

 Brad Currie, Scott Rocco, Bill Krakower


The new school year has started, and we're looking forward to test-driving a handful of  new innovations. 

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Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School

 Brad Currie with Mark Barnes, and Jennifer Gonzalez 


In this segment, we speak with the authors of the new book aimed at solving persistent classroom problems.  The authors offer simple solutions that are often overlooked. 

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mss ack stein

Developing the Growth Mindset in Students (and Yourself)

 Billy Krakower, LaVonna Roth 


What is the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset?  Our guest offers insights on how a growth mindset powerfully impacts academic outcomes. She includes tips on how to cultivate the growth mindset in students and yourself.

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The Four Qualities of Teachers Who Create World-Class Learners

 Brad Currie,  Yong Zhao


Our guest offers a clear set of guidelines to help us create world-class learners. One principle is teaching the child versus teaching the subject.  Tune in to hear more.

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