Second Thoughts About What Educators Do on "Summer Break"

 Brad Currie,  Starr Sackstein 


As most educators know, there is often a wide chasm between what the public thinks about our "summer break" and reality.   In this segment we discuss some of the ways we are using the summer to recharge based on our individual needs.

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EdCamp Global: How Do We Prepare Students and Teachers for Global Learning?

Billy Krakower, Jennifer Williams, Jaime Donally, Cassie Reeder


Teaching is changing, learning is changing and professional development is changing. Education is going global. How do we prepare our students and teachers for  global learning?

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3 Things Great Teachers, Principals, Educators Do Differently

Brad Currie, Todd Whitaker


This week we talk with Todd Whitaker about what it takes to create a school culture of greatness.

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Resource Showcase: Two New Teaching Tools from ISTE

Brad Currie, Susan Bearden, Julie Sweeney, Talia Arbit, Drew Minock


In this segment we take a look at two new education technology resources we discovered in the exhibit hall at ISTE

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