Connecting with Pre-Service Teachers

Brad Currie, Dr. Michael Curran, Starr Sackstein


Is this special edition of SATChat Radio we discuss the highlights of a talk with pre-service educators about being a connected educator.

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Telling Your School's Story: Why, How, Tools

Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, Scott Rocco, Dr. Joe Sanfelippo


Guest moderator Joe Sanfelippo joins the SatChat Radio team to talk about why taking control of your school's story is so important. Tips and tools are also discussed.

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Matching Apps to the Levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Brad Currie, Scott Rocco, and Billy Krakower


What if you could identify apps that support the different levels of Bloom's taxonomy. Well, now you can. In the segment we talk about a new resource that matches apps to the pyramid.

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Digital Parenthood: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Edtech and Digital Citizenship

Brad Currie, Scott Rocco and Billy Krakower


As schools increasingly embrace education technology, it is vital that parents are kept in the loop. In this segment we explore the key issues that need to be discussed with all parents.

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