School tragedies impact different groups within the education community in very diverse and nuanced ways. Parents and teachers struggle with reassuring children that they are safe. School principals and directors wrestle with assuring parents and teachers that their schools are safe. School administrators struggle with responding to media queries, while reviewing school safety protocols and school nurses must double check to make sure they are prepared as well.

On this channel we are pulling together the most insightful, relevant, compelling guidance and help specifically tailored to each of the impacted groups, curated from special crisis response segments produced by some of the nation's leading education associations including: The National Parent Teachers Association ( PTA), the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP), the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) and more...

Listen to the segments below. To see, discuss or recommend further resources go to Twitter #schoolsafetycrisis.

Second Thoughts: Think Arming Teachers Is Crazy? Okay, but Did You Really Think?

Thomas, Dorn, Roberts,  Maiers, Whitby, Blair, Blumengarten

pic Special Report: Perhaps what's most crazy about the notion of arming teachers is how most discussions on this important issue are mostly devoid of sober, thoughtful, factual examination. On one extreme, we hear rabid gun supporters encouraging schools to enter an arms race. On the other we see a visceral rejection of the idea so strong that facts are irrelevant. We asked some educators and school security experts to really stop and think about this issue and were surprised by what we found. We think you will be too.
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A Principal’s Guide: 3 Keys to Making Tough Decisions During School Security Reviews

Gregory Thomas, Melissa Reeves, Gary Mathews, Nancy Flatt Meador, Michael Dorn

pic In the wake of the tragic shootings at Newtown, conducting school safety reviews can be challenging. Pressure to respond quickly and decisively can lead imprudent, costly, ineffective and unnecessary measures. We have assembled an "A -team" of leading school safety experts to help principals make smart decisions, avoid routine mistakes and determine what's over the top and what's not when making school security decisions.
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Shocked, Sad, Angry: Coping with School Tragedies, What Do We Do Now?

Rae Pica with George A. Bonanno, Dr. Joyce Valenza, Marilyn Anderson Rhames, Nick Provenzano


We are shocked, deeply saddened and angered when senseless violence occurs in schools, hurting children and teachers. What are the best ways to respond? What should you do individually? Where do we find comfort? What is the path forward? What should we do as a community?

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Tipping Point? Rethinking School Security, A Superintendent's Guide

Dan Domenech with  Gregory Thomas, Gary Mathews, Wm. E Roberts, Michael Dorn


Some are calling the tragedy at Newtown a tipping point that may usher in radical changes in school security. According to a survey conducted by the American Association of School Administrators of some 11,000 members, over 90% reported that they had begun reviewing their school security plans over the weekend. To provide some strategic guidance and insight, AASA has assembled a highly experienced and skilled team of school security experts to help rethink school security issues from SROs to arming principals and teachers.

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Crisis Communication 101: Why Education Leaders Need a Plan, How to Create One

John Musso with Candace Belair 

pic More often than not a crisis is unexpected and leaves little time for planning. This is why developing a crisis communications plan in advance is critical. In this segment we discuss the basics you need to know to plan ahead and be prepared and cool during a school crisis.
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Active Shooter Drills: What Every School Leader Need to Consider

Holly Elissa Bruno with Dr. Ronald Stephens, Ken Trump, Dwight L. Carter, Peter DeWitt


The threat of gun violence in schools has given rise to the need for active shooter drills. But finding the right balance between realism and traumatizing students can be difficult. There are also liability issues to consider. Our guests walk us through the issues school leaders need to think about. 

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Reassuring Children That They are Safe in School

Betsy Landers with Amy Smith 


In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, children will look to us to help them make sense of what happened. They may us ask difficult questions, ones which we may not be prepared to answer. This PTA Radio show will address some of those questions and help parents reassure our children that they are safe in school.

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Inside the Mind of Violent Youth

Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dr. James Fallon and Brian Stevenson

pic Why do young people suddenly turn aggressive, violent and commit unthinkable crimes? What can we tell from neuroscience about brain development in violent teens and young adults? As parents, educators and policy makers struggle to handle increasing violence in teens, our ability to use MRI to see in to the brain offers some new clues and guidance for effective intervention.
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School Emergencies: How School Nurses Should Prepare for the Unthinkable

Dr. Cynthia Devore, Gail Wold with Donna Mazyck 

pic In a school emergency or crisis building evacuation, school nurses need to be able to get out fast and bring along what is essential to continue to respond to student needs.
In this segment our guests offer a well consider plan for creating an emergency "grab-and-go" bag.
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