The Trump Education Administration - Candidate Donald Trump has already jolted the education community. As we consider the presidency of Donald Trump, educators are wondering what will happen next, and what we should do now? Join our team coverage of  education under Donald Trump as our hosts seek answers from educators, administrators, and education thought leaders from across the community.

Discussing the Election in Your Classroom: Walking the Line

Vicki Davis with Trent Ashcraft


We check in with a social studies teacher for guidance on how to discuss an election that has become disrespectful and vulgar.

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Should Teachers and Principals Speak Up or Shut Up?

Dr. Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin with Patrick Riccards


Educators around the country are struggling to handle hyper-sensitive conversations that are spilling into to the classroom.  Race, sex, scandals, lies and unprecedented incivility has many educators trapped in a vise. Some teachers want to avoid these discussions at all costs.  Others say silence is not an option. 

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Harming Our Kids: The Hidden Impact of Mean-Spirited Politics

 Rosa Isiah with Jon Harper 


This season's political contest has been among the most mean-spirited in American history.  Many believe that the process has hit new lows and may be having a profound impact on impressionable young minds. Join us as we ask, how should educators respond?


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